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Effective in Various Lakes and Reservoirs

I have taken the technique to other Texas lakes, and it is successful everywhere I try it. I took it back to Eagle Mountain Lake. I fish it on Cedar Creek Lake, where I now live. I've fished it in Richland Chambers Reservoir, Lake Limestone, Lake Whitney, Lake Buchanan, Lake Tawakoni and Lake Waco.

Catches Multiple Varieties of Fish

Another enjoyable aspect of this method is that it catches a wide variety of fish. Although I go looking for and catch mostly whites, in with them we routinely catch catfish (blue, channel and opelousas), hybrids, stripers, black bass, crappie, yellow bass, drum and buffalo. For example I've caught many cats above 10 pounds, with the largest (a blue) going 40 and an op going 37. I've caught several buffalo in the 15 to 20 pound range, blacks up to 7 pounds, many 22 to 27 inch hybrids and several 5 to 6 pound drum. All of these were caught on a Mepps spinner while structure fishing for whites on Texas lakes.

About Mepps

Why a Mepps spinner? All I can say is that I've tried many others including Rooster Tail, Blue Fox and Little George, and, although I could catch some fish with Blue Fox and Rooster Tail using this technique, I consistently did much better with Mepps - but not just any Mepps. They make a variety, and I've tried many of them. The one that works and the one I've used since 1976 is the silver Aglia plain - no skirt (see picture above). White and yellow bladed Mepps also work well. I use sizes 2,3,4 and 5 with 4 being the best all-around size. However, when fish are feeding on small shad, downsizing to a 2 is required. When using a 2 or 3 I use a pinch-on weight up about 13 inches from the bait to get it down to the bottom faster. Two of my fishing buddies separately decided to make copies of the Mepps Aglia, and both gave me some to try. Neither they nor I could reproduce the results we got with the Mepps. I can't explain it - I just accept it and keep a stock of Mepps on hand.

Perfecting the Technique

Over the years I've found that, to optimize results, each time you go fishing you have to experiment with three factors: speed of retrieval, length of retrieval before stopping and letting it fall back to bottom, and angle of retrieval, i. e. more lateral or vertical on the retrieve. Most of the time it doesn't matter - just start it up from the bottom and they hit it. At other times they want a very slow retrieval and will not follow it up more than a foot or two from the bottom. Sometimes burning it up fast on a long vertical retrieve works best. Then again, sometimes they want it pulled almost sideways along the bottom. When the fish are finicky, I'll make long casts and work the Mepps back to the boat using a combination of these variations until I can tell which gets the most strikes.

Just how productive can this technique be? Last month (May 2009) two fishing buddies and I, mostly fishing alone but sometimes together or with one or two guests, caught over 2000 including over 1700 whites, almost 80 keeper hybrids (most over 20 inches) and about 100 catfish. On one afternoon outing one buddy fishing alone caught 84 including 18 hybrids 21 to 24 inches. On another afternoon by himself he caught 140 including 133 whites and 3 keeper hybrids (Note: we do mostly catch and release). In these two examples all the fish were caught bottom fishing using the Mepps technique on humps that were 20 or more feet deep.

“I started using Mepps spinners with Dennis over 30 years ago. Since that time, I have only used Mepps. My tackle box is a small plastic box with spare #3 and #4 Mepps Aglia, plain, chrome spinners and split shots. The precision of the Mepps makes the retrieve much easier than any other bait.”  Randall Lovelace  (Lake Livingston for 35 years)

“My big brother, Dennis Christian, introduced our family to the Mepps Aglia #2 spinner about 30 years ago.  Prior to that, we had been catching most of the white bass on slabs and spoons.  But the Mepps spinners -- numbers 2, 3 and 4 -- along with the technique taught to us by Dennis, have yielded much success, no matter in which of the Texas lakes we are fishing.”  Dee Potcinske
“My experience using a Mepps Spinner began about 9 years ago when Dennis introduced me to the bait and his technique for using it to catch White Bass.  The technique ... has resulted in me catching many hundreds of fish more than I had previously caught using other baits and other also allows a person to catch almost every other species of fish such as Hybrid White Bass, Yellow Bass, Black Bass, Crappie, Catfish, Drum and an occasional Carp. ...recommend this bait and technique to anyone who likes to fish at any time of the day.” Ed DeLoach

“I learned this from Dennis 2 years ago and I now use it exclusively. I always caught sand bass before (slabs) BUT I have caught twice as many using this method. I am now making baits to be used in this system. I am convinced that it is the system more than the bait that gets the fish.“ Leroy Carroll
Closing Thoughts

Although I have read where the Mepps Aglia is well known for being effective for whites during spring spawns in the moving waters of creeks and rivers, using them for bottom fishing on structure out on the open water on lakes is apparently a truly unique technique. In my 30+ years of using the Mepps technique, I have only encountered one other person out on the lakes using it who, so far as I knew, was not someone my friends, family or I had taught. I asked him where he learned of the technique and he gave me the name of one of my work buddies whom I had taught a few years before.

Today, I am retired and enjoying outstanding fishing on Cedar Creek Lake. I derive a great deal of satisfaction teaching others - like my grandsons and neighbors - how to use the Mepps technique. It is such an effective and easy-to-use technique, I wanted to relate it to others who love to fish while I am still able - hence, this article. I hope you try it and join me in experiencing the pure joy of catching lots and lots of fish!

DISCLOSURE STATEMENT: As of this writing the author is not and has never been associated either directly or indirectly with the company that makes Mepps. Neither does the author know anyone who works for the company nor has he ever had any communications with the company or any of its representatives.

Copyright 2009 Dennis Christian
July 1, 2009
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